Tuesday, 28 November 2017

I’m starting to make my New Years resolutions a little earlier this year, and that resolution (or more of a realisation) is that I would love to embark on more adventures and visit new places and do things that I have always talked about doing. One of those adventures is a Skiing holiday, and here are some things I have considered in order to prepare!


The first thing you do when even contemplating a holiday, is searching for transport and how you’re going to get around, and I couldn’t think of anything more perfect than renting a car. My boyfriend and I hire a lot of cars for work so we are used to having  & with app it makes everything so much easier!

Download the app, select your dates and location & they will compile all the cars on offer from small fiat 500 to a 5 door Volkswagen polo.


In England right now we are experiencing very similar weather that you would get in the Alps (migh is be a little dramatic but it definitely feels like it) but my skin is definitely the first thing to that gets affected, mainly from dryness & irritation. I’d definitely suggest making sure you have moisturiser, balms and DO NOT FORGET SUN CREAM!


It’s better to over pack then under pack, and layer are essential when skiing comes to mind. You can get thermals from anywhere from Primark to Sweaty Betty, no matter what your price range. Whilst browsing skiwear I even found the most amazing Fendi all in one, but realistically... It won’t look as chic on when falling down the slopes in it!
Once your feet and hands get cold, your whole body suffers so make sure that you have a suffiecient amount of socks and gloves at your disposal, and make sure they’re waterproof!


Now, don’t get me wrong there’s nothing better than sitting on a beautiful white sand beach enjoying the sun but there’s only so many hours I can sit there doing absolutely nothing. I highly suggest finding things in the local area that you can join in with, obviously you’ll spend most of your time on the slopes but I can imagine you might be a little sore after a couple of days falling over (or if you’re a pro, ski to your hearts content) but you could find a cable car to see the sights, or explore the local villages!


Don’t forget to enjoy yourself, speak to the locals.

*this post was written in collaboration with Label Pr & Rental Cars. All words are mine*


Saturday, 19 August 2017

London has a plethora of beautiful streets, houses and well anywhere can be the perfect location to do a quick instagram shoot. Yes, sometimes I feel so stupid and become incredibly self conscious but you have to just remember the more you do it the more and more it will become the norm (but people in vans and builders will always stare, wolf whistle and just basically be vile humans who don't have any respect... just my opinion) 

A few tricks - nothing genius but I have found them to be the best things for me.

ALWAYS carry a pair of sunglasses, you can essentially hide your face and 'block out the haters' and you can do your moves - and leave with the perfect Instagram post. 

Walk that little bit further, you will find a little back alley that you will very very rarely anyone will walk that close enough to put you off doing your thing.

Go out shooting just after rush hour so after 9am and around 5pm-8pm, there are a lot less people around even on the streets of London. 

If there is a person approaching, I find it necessary to say 'hi' just to cut the tension immediately. Or equally, if someone is to say something to you, dont be afraid to get sassy back. I have waved back at people shouting stuff out of windows, driving past in vans and well just being somewhat inappropriate. 

Everyone will feel uncomfortable initially and thats a given so always go out with someone you also feel comfortable with so you can laugh about it - but then just get on with what you have to do.

support ya guys n gals 


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

  • You wont simply just eat beans on toast. It's very unlikely unless you actually enjoy beans on toast in general (from my own experience, and bare in mind I don't like beans so that's a low point if it gets to that) you will find cheap alternatives & as it's coming out of your own pocket you actually find ways to spend efficiently. I'm funny about what kind of food I eat as I didn't like to buy own branded foods (such as Tesco's own) but I've found for canned tomatoes, sweetcorn, chickpeas and kidney beans... they all taste the same. 
  • You will always have your friends from back home, but you will just have to come to terms with the fact everyone is getting on with their lives. Especially those who didn't go to uni and your uni schedules don't align with each other.
  • If you get an overdraft account, you will abuse it. I had every intention of not  going into my overdraft, but for financial reasons and the price of my halls it wasn't possible for me to live and pay for my travel without going into it. You will carry on abusing it till the second year and finally get your shit together and by then you will have gone through a fair amount of horrendous jobs and finally find one you feel comfortable in & have a good income to keep you above water (aka your overdraft) 
  • London (or wherever you are) is perfectly safe. 
  • Finding one (or two) really good friends and they will stay with you through all your university years and breakdowns is much better than stretching yourself to fit into a massive group. It's unnecessary additional Aggro... They will become your family. 
  • Going to your lectures is actually necessary, as much as we've all had those lectures where you've walked out with your mates asking each other 'why did we just spend 4 hours doing that' it gives you a good rep & the university has the power to stop your student finance if you don't keep your attendance up

  • You will finally understand what kind of person you are, and you will finally begin to feel more confident as you are around many people with many different personalities. It's okay to show yours off & be as weird as you like! I've become someone who is so much more confident last year, I feel in control, I don't care for people who have negative things to say. But it's also a doggy doggy world, so you got to keep your wits about you. And we'll, don't apologise for being you. 

Let me know of your tips for anyone heading off to uni in the comments 👇🏼


Two Piece - Misspap 


Saturday, 12 August 2017

Now, its taken me some time but I really wanted to make sure I was actually happy with the product.

I was kindly gifted the products from Bondi Sands, but it hasn’t swayed my opinion on my review.

Firstly, when I first used the tanning foam in ‘dark’ I didn’t realise I had actually caught the sun (yes, this is a rarity.. its the uk) and after applying my skin started to peel underneath the tan… but I was still completely unaware that that was the issue I thought I had an reaction to something.

But besides the whole mingin peeling skin, I LOVED the smell. Very fresh smelling, but if you dont like coconut I would advise to stay clear as I managed to make my whole flat smell of coconut.. but thankfully its better than biscuits.

I was complimented MANY MANY times on my tan and most people thought it was NATURAL!!!!! 

With my dark hair and features, I get mistaken for a different ethnicity - but unfortunately I am as plain jane as they come so I love that as a compliment.

If you want a tanner that is natural - one coat of this is perfect. If I am going on a night out or want my tan to last so much longer I will do layer 2 a good couple of days later making sure I don’t wear too many white clothing (lol at the time it was 30 degrees but now we are back to the antarctic weather, I love the uk NOT!!!!) 

I would say, you need the scrubs and to make sure all your previous tan is completely removed before, I have linked all the stuff I used and have found to be the best! I have pretty dry skin so a good scrub makes A WHOLE lot of difference when it comes to application. For removal of the tan I use the Walnut Scrub, I couldn't find where you can purchase but I would highly suggest contacting as it makes everything so easy and its all natural! 

I moisturise with Dove gradual tanning moisturiser on my knees and elbow and neck (I have such dry skin) I also differently pigmented skin on my stomach so it always go patchy there - but with the moisturiser it helps even it out as much as possible. 

To top up my tan without adding layers - I apply the oil to my legs, arms and shoulders as I am very much a fan of off the shoulder tops all year round, I love it to look bronzey 24/7.

Overall, I would carry on purchasing forever. I would like to see how the ultra dark tan turns out on my skin tone.

I hope you enjoy, let me know of any tanners you have tried in the comments!

Know Cosmetics

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Lets talk brows, I used to be ALL about the ABH dip brow pomade and looking back my brows were SO harsh with my brows already being so dark I find it hard to find a product that onset make them look like I've filled them in with a whiteboard marker.

I then went on to using brow powders from MAC, but now I am so obsessed with this pencil... admittedly I don't use the other end of the pencil but the darker pigmented bit is so good for filling in and defining. 

I like to keep the pencil as sharp as I can for creating a line at the bottom of my brow and creating the shape of my arch, I then move on to filling in the areas that are a little bit more sparse than the rest. The best thing is, you don't have to use brow gels as the waxy formula of the pencil keeps them in place.

You can find yours at: Click here 


Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Sometimes, this is casual ya'no.
(well minus the heels)

Jacket: MissyEmpire  (20% off if you use HOLLA atm)
Trousers: Bershka 
Heels: New Looks (friends)

The Colour Of Now, Millennial Pink.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

This is possibly the girliest I have dressed since I was 4/5 years old and thought being a princess was an actual profession that you could choose to be in the future, I guess somethings never change.

Enough about that, I ransacked my room trying to work out how to style this and tbh nothing works other than just putting the dress on with a dainty necklace and a pair of trainers of your choice. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy any of my facial expressions of the full length images so just imagine some light pink vans. - I will link here - (I found them, and they're on sale. thank me later)

I quite enjoyed being pushed out of my comfort zone and I only have the wonderful gals at MissyEmpire to thank because I didn't feel that confident as it is so different to everything I have in my wardrobe. 

Shop my look here: Lana Pink Bell Dress

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