October Favourites

Thursday, 6 November 2014

 I watched Pulp Fiction last year and it instantly charted on my list of Favourite films of all time, if you haven't already seen it you need to ASAP. But I couldn't resist this wonderful eyeshadow set and at £17.50 it was a complete STEAL. I like to apply Righteous over my entire lid, into the crease blend Tyranny and too deepen the look I take Vengeance into the outer third and blend.
These colours are so pigmented and easily blend-able, and also its a good one to carry around if you need a touch up.

 I bought Berin Street Style from Urban Outfitters sale (unfortunately sold out online) because of Vivianna (from http://www.viviannadoesmakeup.com go check out her blog and youtube channel she's FAB) and tbh I haven't been able to stop reading it. Berlin is one of the capitals of Fashion and everything the fabulous duo write in this book is full of taboos of fashion (although its good to break the rules sometimes).
I have been obsessed with this bronzing powder and I definitely see the hype. This is the perfect bronzing and contouring powder for anyone, even those of us who are fairer skinned. 

From left to right, Elephant Choker (PeppermintJewellery), Nars Laguna (Selfridges), Mac Velvet Teddy (Selfridges)
Velvet Teddy is somewhat of a buzz word thanks to the beautiful Kylie Jenner lips craze. If you're look for a 90's nude this is the one. I use this lipstick pretty much everyday paired with MAC Subculture lipliner to give me that plumped lip look everyone is craving.


  1. Oh god velvet teddy! It's gonna be my next purchase as soon as I go to my next MAC. Great post! (:


    1. I know right, everyone is going crazy for it, so glad I got it just before the influx! If you need a lipliner to pair with it I think subculture fits with it perfectly! I need to go to mac again asap to get whirl lipliner!

      Thank you so much chick, I'll deffo check out your blog too!


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