Manchester Food Diaries: Wagamamas

Monday, 20 July 2015

Wagamamas, Manchester Printworks.

For the longest time I had seen so many people on Instrgram posting pictures of their meals from Wagamamas, and I'm so glad I finally went. I've lived so close to manchester for the entirety of my life and it drives me insane that I haven't experienced the most of manchester and what it's best known for. 
I got the Chicken Ramen (soup, noodles and chicken) and my boyfriend got the classic Katsu Curry (deep fried chicken, rice and curry sauce) with 2 drinks came to £23 which I think for 2 people is incredibly good price and the food is so filling you aren't left unsatisfied. 

Overall the service was incredible and it only took 5ish mins of our food to come, still taking into account we went on a tuesday afternoon. 

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