Short Hair, Don't Care.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Short Hair inspo

Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian & Olivia Culpo are some of my biggest inspiration to cut my hair shorter. The 'short hair don't care' phase is something a lil obsessive once you cut your hair, I already want to go shorter and I have only had it cut 2 weeks ago. 

(images from instagram @sherriewebster)

I had it cut at a local hair dressers and just simply said where abouts length wise I would like my hair, but because I was going from such a drastic length change she made the decision to not go shorter incase I didn't like it. But my hair grows so fast and was incredibly damaged from bleaching the ends.    
But overall it's the best thing I've ever done to my hair. 

If anyone has any good products they use on their short hair to give it that bed head/beach babe/messy kinda style please leave me a comment and I'll give them a go!

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