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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Everyone needs a good pamper especially around the winter period, I know I suffer from dry and flakey skin around this time of the year so face masks are a must. I picked up this face mask from h&m's beauty range and I was pleasantly surprised with it. 
I first cleaned my face with my garnier face wash and applied a thickish layer and left it to dry for 15 minutes, I then went to remove it with a hot cloth but found it too rough so I dampened my face and massaged the facemask into the skin and removed the excess with the cloth. 
My face is very sensitive to EVERYTHING so there was a little redness after the removal of the mask but afterwards my face felt incredible, I also noticed that my makeup application was a lot better and didn't leave me with dry patches. 

Definitely going to be picking up a few more and they'd be a perfect stocking filler for any beauty junkies. 

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