New Years Resolutions/Goals/Review

Saturday, 2 January 2016

2015 was filled with great moments that I will never forget and getting to spend them with my family and friends has been the best experience. Here are some of my favourite moments ^^

Travelling- I want to make a conscious effort to visit places like France, Berlin, Italy etc as I want to broaden my photography and experiment with different styles. 

My Career- Studying in London was one of the best opportunities to come my way in 2015 and I want to make the most out of everything it has to offer me. I want to also step out of my comfort zone and approach more up and coming models, street casting and just getting my name out there. I also want to go to more events around London.

Experiment - I want to do the things that I would usual be too nervous or scared to do. 

Health & Fitness- I want to make more of an effort to eat balanced and keep toned as I find it hard to maintain a steady weight. 

Blogging- I want to blog blog blog blog blog, about everything not just fashion and makeup, I think its important to have people you can read about who are going through experiences like university etc and meet new people within the industry. 

Stay Positive- This is something I find difficult as I overthink things ( this is me 10343%)

Stay on top of my university work- Even though I work a lot better under pressure, it made me incredibly ill and I don't think I moved out of bed for a week. So I want to be organised and get the best results I can.

Social Media - I want to post a lot more of my work and blog on social media as I've always worried about what people think and always think of the judgmental things people could say about it.

Money- I want to be more conscious of money as in my first couple of months I went a lil craaaazy. 

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