Thursday, 13 October 2016

Not that students don't have a pretty easy life, it can also take its toll as finding time to pamper yourself becomes something that sits in the back of your mind, or when you get time you find yourself feeling guilty as you could be doing work to prepare for tomorrows lecture. 
I am a person who needs to take 5 after a day uni, and especially living in London I need to clean my face thoroughly which can take it toll when you're constantly trying to scrub the grime out of your pores. 

I was very kindly sent these masks to try out and I can safely say I will be repurchasing with my own money. I personally drink a lot of green tea and I see the benefits on my skin from drinking it so something that was green tea infused was something I was very much into trying. 

Rejuvenating Collagen Mask:
Very thin, lightweight on the skin, and very cooling once on the skin. But still had plenty of lubrication on the mask in order for it to stick to the face and stay put. I Didn't look too cute with the mask on my face but in the spirit of halloween, I was Leather Face for 15 mins.

I don't usually gravitate towards things that are scented as I have pretty sensitive skin, but the eye masks are so subtly scented you can hardly tell. I have a pretty small face so the masks did take up half of my face but the instantaneous cooling effect really helps with your under eyes. It made my eyes feel very firm & makeup seemed to go on so much better.

The only bad things about these products is that I have a very small face so they didn't fit perfectly but nevertheless they got the job done and my skin feels incredible.

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