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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Contouring is something of a phase to some people, but for me I still like to add some shape to my very round face. I have used many different things to try and find the perfect shade for me that suits my pale days and those days I go a little bit OTT with the tanner. 

I place the Barry M contour stick on top of my base in the usual areas like cheekbones, forehead and under the chin and blend it out with my new Pur contour brush, it blends everything out so seamlessly and easily it takes me under 10 mins to do my simple makeup. 

I was kindly gifted Dr Paw Paw lip balm and 2 brushes from Blank Canvas Cosmetics and I without a doubt don't know how I got through my morning routine without them. I carry this lipbalm with me everywhere, it even saved the end of my nose when I had a cold! 

I am all about the minimal and using products for multiple things is right up my street, I use the lightest colour in the contour kit on the E10 brush through my crease and also to place my highlight before I blend it out. I also think its the perfect tool to create a cut crease as the end of the hairs tapers in so you can precisely place the colour into your crease.

I have pretty dark and unruly brows so they need a lot of taming so having a spooly on the end of the E30 is so good (yes, I know what was I doing before?).
I use this in conjunction with either of my brow products whether it be a brow pomade (ABH) or in pencil form from Freedom Makeup. 

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  1. Lovely post! These products sound amazing!

    Bella x


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