Just Another Tuesday?

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

As I'm sat here reciting every word to the opening of Shrek, wondering why this talent is going to waste... but here I am, back at it again with the all black outfit but this time perfectly suited to any your Valentines/Galentines/ a usual Tuesday.

Now, this isn't a soppy post and I doubt there will ever be one as I can't bring myself to be that person. I fully appreciate everyone has their way of showing affection, but I'm used to the casual arm around the neck as a token of appreciation when in the public view.
BUT this isn't a post about Valentines or a cute little lovey dovey story... sorry. (you'd think I was single with the amount of bitterness within this post, but life doesn't always give you lemons, and I unfortunately I don't get to see my lemon as often as I hope.. okay back to the outfit).

In my opinion, there is nothing worse than being uncomfortable on a date whether it be the person you are with or the outfit you are in. This is literally the easiest outfit combination, but it will never fail you. I simply paired this floral embroidered top with these coated jeans with an oversized coat which I haven't featured here as I wanted you to see the detail on the top. In hind-sight I would have preferred them to be a little more 'high waist' but they do that job as making your legs look great.

I would suggest sizing down in these, or definitely trying them on if you can, you don't want your sexy lingerie to be revealed to the whole world.

Top: Stradivarius
Trousers: Stradivarius 
Shoes: Zara (similar) 

Happy Tuesday and a happy V Day to all the lovers. X

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  1. This outfit is so chic! You are rocking it. I find soppy hard too. It's a very private thing for me x


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