Wednesday, 16 August 2017

  • You wont simply just eat beans on toast. It's very unlikely unless you actually enjoy beans on toast in general (from my own experience, and bare in mind I don't like beans so that's a low point if it gets to that) you will find cheap alternatives & as it's coming out of your own pocket you actually find ways to spend efficiently. I'm funny about what kind of food I eat as I didn't like to buy own branded foods (such as Tesco's own) but I've found for canned tomatoes, sweetcorn, chickpeas and kidney beans... they all taste the same. 
  • You will always have your friends from back home, but you will just have to come to terms with the fact everyone is getting on with their lives. Especially those who didn't go to uni and your uni schedules don't align with each other.
  • If you get an overdraft account, you will abuse it. I had every intention of not  going into my overdraft, but for financial reasons and the price of my halls it wasn't possible for me to live and pay for my travel without going into it. You will carry on abusing it till the second year and finally get your shit together and by then you will have gone through a fair amount of horrendous jobs and finally find one you feel comfortable in & have a good income to keep you above water (aka your overdraft) 
  • London (or wherever you are) is perfectly safe. 
  • Finding one (or two) really good friends and they will stay with you through all your university years and breakdowns is much better than stretching yourself to fit into a massive group. It's unnecessary additional Aggro... They will become your family. 
  • Going to your lectures is actually necessary, as much as we've all had those lectures where you've walked out with your mates asking each other 'why did we just spend 4 hours doing that' it gives you a good rep & the university has the power to stop your student finance if you don't keep your attendance up

  • You will finally understand what kind of person you are, and you will finally begin to feel more confident as you are around many people with many different personalities. It's okay to show yours off & be as weird as you like! I've become someone who is so much more confident last year, I feel in control, I don't care for people who have negative things to say. But it's also a doggy doggy world, so you got to keep your wits about you. And we'll, don't apologise for being you. 

Let me know of your tips for anyone heading off to uni in the comments 👇🏼


Two Piece - Misspap 

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