Saturday, 19 August 2017

London has a plethora of beautiful streets, houses and well anywhere can be the perfect location to do a quick instagram shoot. Yes, sometimes I feel so stupid and become incredibly self conscious but you have to just remember the more you do it the more and more it will become the norm (but people in vans and builders will always stare, wolf whistle and just basically be vile humans who don't have any respect... just my opinion) 

A few tricks - nothing genius but I have found them to be the best things for me.

ALWAYS carry a pair of sunglasses, you can essentially hide your face and 'block out the haters' and you can do your moves - and leave with the perfect Instagram post. 

Walk that little bit further, you will find a little back alley that you will very very rarely anyone will walk that close enough to put you off doing your thing.

Go out shooting just after rush hour so after 9am and around 5pm-8pm, there are a lot less people around even on the streets of London. 

If there is a person approaching, I find it necessary to say 'hi' just to cut the tension immediately. Or equally, if someone is to say something to you, dont be afraid to get sassy back. I have waved back at people shouting stuff out of windows, driving past in vans and well just being somewhat inappropriate. 

Everyone will feel uncomfortable initially and thats a given so always go out with someone you also feel comfortable with so you can laugh about it - but then just get on with what you have to do.

support ya guys n gals 

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