Saturday, 12 August 2017

Now, its taken me some time but I really wanted to make sure I was actually happy with the product.

I was kindly gifted the products from Bondi Sands, but it hasn’t swayed my opinion on my review.

Firstly, when I first used the tanning foam in ‘dark’ I didn’t realise I had actually caught the sun (yes, this is a rarity.. its the uk) and after applying my skin started to peel underneath the tan… but I was still completely unaware that that was the issue I thought I had an reaction to something.

But besides the whole mingin peeling skin, I LOVED the smell. Very fresh smelling, but if you dont like coconut I would advise to stay clear as I managed to make my whole flat smell of coconut.. but thankfully its better than biscuits.

I was complimented MANY MANY times on my tan and most people thought it was NATURAL!!!!! 

With my dark hair and features, I get mistaken for a different ethnicity - but unfortunately I am as plain jane as they come so I love that as a compliment.

If you want a tanner that is natural - one coat of this is perfect. If I am going on a night out or want my tan to last so much longer I will do layer 2 a good couple of days later making sure I don’t wear too many white clothing (lol at the time it was 30 degrees but now we are back to the antarctic weather, I love the uk NOT!!!!) 

I would say, you need the scrubs and to make sure all your previous tan is completely removed before, I have linked all the stuff I used and have found to be the best! I have pretty dry skin so a good scrub makes A WHOLE lot of difference when it comes to application. For removal of the tan I use the Walnut Scrub, I couldn't find where you can purchase but I would highly suggest contacting as it makes everything so easy and its all natural! 

I moisturise with Dove gradual tanning moisturiser on my knees and elbow and neck (I have such dry skin) I also differently pigmented skin on my stomach so it always go patchy there - but with the moisturiser it helps even it out as much as possible. 

To top up my tan without adding layers - I apply the oil to my legs, arms and shoulders as I am very much a fan of off the shoulder tops all year round, I love it to look bronzey 24/7.

Overall, I would carry on purchasing forever. I would like to see how the ultra dark tan turns out on my skin tone.

I hope you enjoy, let me know of any tanners you have tried in the comments!

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