Tuesday, 28 November 2017

I’m starting to make my New Years resolutions a little earlier this year, and that resolution (or more of a realisation) is that I would love to embark on more adventures and visit new places and do things that I have always talked about doing. One of those adventures is a Skiing holiday, and here are some things I have considered in order to prepare!


The first thing you do when even contemplating a holiday, is searching for transport and how you’re going to get around, and I couldn’t think of anything more perfect than renting a car. My boyfriend and I hire a lot of cars for work so we are used to having  & with app it makes everything so much easier!

Download the app, select your dates and location & they will compile all the cars on offer from small fiat 500 to a 5 door Volkswagen polo.


In England right now we are experiencing very similar weather that you would get in the Alps (migh is be a little dramatic but it definitely feels like it) but my skin is definitely the first thing to that gets affected, mainly from dryness & irritation. I’d definitely suggest making sure you have moisturiser, balms and DO NOT FORGET SUN CREAM!


It’s better to over pack then under pack, and layer are essential when skiing comes to mind. You can get thermals from anywhere from Primark to Sweaty Betty, no matter what your price range. Whilst browsing skiwear I even found the most amazing Fendi all in one, but realistically... It won’t look as chic on when falling down the slopes in it!
Once your feet and hands get cold, your whole body suffers so make sure that you have a suffiecient amount of socks and gloves at your disposal, and make sure they’re waterproof!


Now, don’t get me wrong there’s nothing better than sitting on a beautiful white sand beach enjoying the sun but there’s only so many hours I can sit there doing absolutely nothing. I highly suggest finding things in the local area that you can join in with, obviously you’ll spend most of your time on the slopes but I can imagine you might be a little sore after a couple of days falling over (or if you’re a pro, ski to your hearts content) but you could find a cable car to see the sights, or explore the local villages!


Don’t forget to enjoy yourself, speak to the locals.

*this post was written in collaboration with Label Pr & Rental Cars. All words are mine*

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