Sunday, 17 December 2017

This is my last minute Christmas gift guide for 2017, I hope this comes as some help for those who are struggling as to what to get their loved ones for the big day! 

I know for me, I might possibly be the most difficult person to buy for as I hate people wasting their money on me, I'd honestly rather just have a card. BUT I know I would love to receive anything along these lines and hopefully, this guide might be a good one for to link someone who might be struggling. 

I hope you find something on here that you like, or at least something you can pick up in the boxing day sales! 

 Charlotte Tilbury Contour
 Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter
 YSL Perfume 
 Nails Inc Face Mask
 Stila Eyeshadow 
 Fresh Sugar Scrub
 Nails Inc Nail Varnish
 Too Faced Foundation
 Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick
 Ardell Lashes

 I wouldn't suggest just going buying a foundation for your person of choice, but I do have a tip, take an old foundation bottle with you and get them to match as close as possible to the bottle. Or sneaky enough, get her to go to your local Debenhams store to get colour matched & go back and get it! 

I couldn't help myself but this is foundation is such a staple, and it would be perfect for that full face you're going to need for new years. And also theres no harm in treating yourself at this time of the year also... am I right?

Who doesn't love a good lip balm and scrub this time of the year? Fresh are by far the best! 

Even though you would think to go for a red lip as it is the festive season, but a nude is something that anyone would get all the use from, I picked out Kat Von D's liquid lipsticks (exclusive to Debenhams). 

Who doesnt love a good bit of indulgence, I know my family will be expecting some Candy Kittens in their stockings this christmas! 

Cosy socks are a MUST!!!! And well its just a huge bonus when they have dogs with scarves on them... these ones are from Sockshop and I have been wandering around my house in them already because I couldnt resist that cutie on the toes!  

I know for some people, they don't get dressed on Christmas day but over the past couple of years my friends and I have done 'friendmas' so these curlers are the perfect thing to give you that cute bouncy curl on Christmas day but also perfect for just playing with your families hair! 

Some last minute entries as I know not everybody is into all the fancy beauty things. 

I am so obsessed with candles and diffusers, especially if you live in student accommodation, a diffuser is the best thing in life... and it doesn't cause any harm to you like a lit candle would! 

A phone case is something that is essential for everyone and anyone, I'm sat here writing this with half of my iPhone screen gone so I'm preaching to the congregation here when I say cases are NEEDED! 

WHO doesn't love chocolate (well apart from me) but how cute is this personalised Nutella Jar? It was so cute I had to get one for myself and my boyfriend! 

Happy shopping and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. 

(Debenhams products purchased with gift card provided by Debenhams beauty Pr) 

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