Sunday, 12 August 2018

WELL... it's been a long time since I have sat down and actively wanted to write. I spent my Sunday morning, no different to any other in the way that I woke up, brushed my teeth, put a hoodie on and jumped straight back into bed with no intention of showering or making moves till around the 12pm mark. I lay in bed engaging with people who inspire me, my friends and ultimately those whose images I enjoy. I also found myself going through peoples profiles and wondering to myself "WHY am I following this person?" yes I might sound like a dick and no my 14.5k following hasn't got to my head during this statement, but why would I continue to following someone when the application's main focus is the act of being social and it isn't reciprocated between the two of us.

Being brutally honest, I've studied photography for 5 years of my life, I am one of those people who really pride themselves on their ability to take a nice, aesthetically pleasing image. I am such a visual person and I'm not a person who would just say 'I love this shot' for absolutely no other reason than the fact I actually do really enjoy the shot from a visual perspective. If I come to the realisation your Instagram doesn't inspire me or makes me feel some typa way because of the technical side of the content doesn't appeal to me (and makes me crease due to the number of technical wrongdoings)... I don't think I need to explain myself. (please don't take this the wrong way, but as I mentioned before, Instagram is about being social and engaging with people and the spark just wasn't there between us.)

I followed these people due to PODS, yes yes yes although there is so much stigma around Instagram pods they do carry pros and cons. If you're starting out on Instagram and want to grow it but also gain a friendship with these people also they are a perfect STARTING point. But there gets to be a point of pointless, fake and downright laziness when it comes to the idea of them. You find yourself following all these people and realise they don't reciprocate and to me that actually makes no sense.

I was in around 8-10 pods but honestly haven't even opened the messages from them in months, and tbh I was quite lazy with them as I found the idea of them as the days went by more and more unappealing. I didn't want the same 30 people every day commenting on my pictures, I want to grow and if people enjoy my content, they are under no obligation to comment... and that is more natural in the way of commenting.


(Don't come for me here because I comment all three of these comments on peoples gram's but I genuinely only comment on peoples pictures because I WANT TOO!!!!!! That's the difference, once you find that you genuinely want to comment on someone's picture you will and it will actually be more beneficial for you in the long run.)

I personally don't think people over 10k should be in pods, now this is no shade to anyone who is over 10k and in one because we all know Instagram likes to f*!? with us every now and then but with a following of that amount, there should be those people who naturally wait for you to post your content and want to connect with you. I think the idea of a POD has been deformed into this cry for attention and another way of people who have faked their following and now trying to cover the tracks... because there's a lot of you SOZ.

I left all the pods this morning, without an explanation, without a care. But I do feel a sense of relief.

ANY WAY, if you're checking your unfollower app every time someone unfollows you, you should probably delete it because babe, honestly they're just not that into you.


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